Here is what MemberServices have said about the ships of JR and EP. They seem to be ignoring a few facts, so I've sent them one more mail (which they will reply to only by tomorrow):

Hello there Matey!

Good to hear from you! I too have been wondering about those scoundrels Jolly Roger and El Patron. Where do they come from? What turned them into the villains they are today? And of course since a Pirate's ship says so much about a Pirate, I have wanted to know more about their ships as well. Unfortunately, these ships have an air of mystery to them because they have dabbled in the supernatural. I think we Pirates should actively search out more information about Jolly Roger's and El Patron's ships, because so little is known about them. You may be right about your guesses, but I do not know for sure since I have never seen El Patron's ship and Jolly Roger's ship only appears under the cover of night. We need brave Pirates like yourself to explore the Caribbean and gather as much information as possible.

Best of luck in your adventures!
Pirates of the Caribbean Online Member Services
ORIGINAL MESSAGE - do not edit below this line
> Hello PotCo crew. I just thought I'd ask what the names of the ships of
> Jolly Roger and El Patron are... Can you please confirm on whether
> they are Harkaway and Victory Crescent respectively?

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