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Grenade determination

I, Midhav (bureaucrat), nominate User:Jzfredskins for the post of rollback

Jzfredskins has made 459 revisions on this wiki.

Edit Contributions

  • Commitment to the wiki on a daily basis
  • Constant interaction with other users via blogs and other media
  • Providing insights on subjects in Talk Pages, culminating in decisions being made on articles.
  • Helped in maintaining the Common Items and also Rare Items pages.
  • Reverting vandalism constantly, moved several vanity articles to the Players wiki, and provided one of the most vital joining links between the two wikis.
  • Maintained the Current Events majorly page by adding news posts immediately on release, along with pictures.
  • Added most of the images in the Cannon Defense article.
  • Built up the Pirate Directory article

Starts: September 24, 2010

Ends: September 29, 2010

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