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Grenade determination

I, Midhav (bureaucrat) nominate GamerPerson for the post of Rollback.

GamerPerson has made 851 revisions from his registered account sicne July 16 2010, and with the unregistered account he made 6 months before he registered, the total edit count crosses 1000.

Edit Contributions**

  • Added loading screens to all Locations' pages
  • Renamed most of the enemy ship articles as seen in-game
  • Came up with the idea of icons on pages.
  • Made many weapon pages with sources from other sites.
  • Fixed with weapons' templates when the new weapons system came out
  • Created Broadsword and Sabre skill combo articles.
  • Found out levels of Undead Captains and Powder Keg Runners.
  • Generally, he's a user who's been editing on a daily basis for a pretty long while in this wiki (logging in for 2 hours in a day) and has always been making new pages (and filling up blank weapon pages with content). He has not ever made spam and has infact stepped up to it on several occassions. Communication with other users has been maintained and he created a blog on Phase File instructions

Starts: October 3, 2010.

Ends: October 8, 2010. **Info retrieved from User:GamerPerson. All copyrights reserved. Terms and Conditions apply. Please read the offer document (edit contributions) before voting.

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