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> > I heard that Rott had destroyed Minertown by his ghastly deeds, and that > because of Sandra's curse he couldn't deliver the army from there, to > Jolly.... But how does Captain Walter come in this? How is it that they > were rivals? > Furthermore, I'm a bit confused about Rott's past. Apart from the > Minertown tale, I heard that he was involved in the Battle of Padres, > where he died and was brought back by Jolly along with his mates in the > Casa. One more I have heard was that when John Moses found an Aztec > sword in his farm, Rott stole it for Jolly, and thus Moses was convicted > and sent for hanging... Was that also true? >> > Reply soon, > midhav >


Disney's Explanation


Dear Midhav,

You are correct in your statements about Captain Rott. There have been a few times in which Captain Walter and Captain Rott have gotten into altercations. The first was after the incident in Minertown when Captain Walter had confronted Rott about the part he had played betraying the townsfolk. Much later when Jolly first tried to take some control of Padres, he had Captain Rott lead his men in a large battle. In this battle Captain Walter defeated the mortal version of Captain Rott. Jolly Roger then brought Captain Rott and his guild mates back to undead life since he already owned their souls.

In regards to John Moses, he was officially accused of stealing a livestock. After he was sentenced and when no longer in the world of the living, Jolly Roger took advantage of his soul and enslaved him to be apart of Jolly's army until pirates like yourself helped free his soul during the many invasions by Jolly army.

We apologize for any confusion in regard to the story of the Caribbean, and hope this helps clear up any doubts or questions you may have had.


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