These Spoilers were found in the Phase Files by a Pirates Online Forums user - Speedway Master, known as Samuel Seahound in-game.

Item Classes

Here is a list of weapon item classes. Don't make any articles on the unreleased ones yet. Mojo doll was added by me into this... It was missing
Repeater Pistol
Voodoo Staff
Bane Doll
Spirit Doll
Mojo Doll
Throwing Knives
Dark Blade(Scimitars)
Dark Staff
Nature Staff
Warding Staff
Cannon Ram
Boarding (Boarding Axe right? This is what it's supposed to be)
Carronade(iron cast cannon)

Cursed Blade


Here is a list of all the weapons in-game. All credit goes to Speedway Master. Users may make articles on the weapons. NOTE: Rapiers, Epees, Dark Blades, Boarding Axes, Spyglasses, Carronades, etc. have not been listed yet.

Worn Cutlass
Swabbie's Cutlass
Deck-hand's Cutlass
Cabin Boy's Cutlass
Light Cutlass
Heavy Cutlass
Sailor's Cutlass
Boarding Cutlass
War Cutlass
Sharp Cutlass
Tempered Cutlass
Engraved Cutlass
Bejeweled Cutlass
Masterwork Cutlass (Famed, Attack 58)
Navy Sergeant's Cutlass
EITC Mercenary's Cutlass
Bandit's Cutlass
Pirate's Cutlass
Slasher's Cutlass
Poisoned Cutlass
Venomed Cutlass
Assassin's Cutlass
Monkey Cutlass
Baboon Cutlass
Orangutan Cutlass
Gorilla Cutlass (Famed, Attack 72)
Voodoo Hunter Cutlass
Witch Hunter Cutlass
Cutlass of the Inquisition (Famed, Attack 68)
Silver Cutlass
Holy Cutlass (Famed, Attack 70)
Sacred Cutlass (Famed, Attack 58)
Divine Cutlass
Brute's Cutlass
Brawler's Cutlass
Bruiser's Cutlass (Famed, Attack 68)
Shadow Cutlass
Forbidden Cutlass
Mariner's Cutlass
Quarter Master's Cutlass
First Mate's Cutlass
Lieutenant's Cutlass
Commander's Cutlass
Captain's Cutlass
Commodore's Cutlass
Vice Admiral's Cutlass (Famed, Attack 74)
Admiral's Cutlass
Shark Blade
Tiger Shark Blade (Famed, Attack 62)
Black Shark Blade (Famed, Attack 80)
Bane Blade Cutlass
Bane Fire Cutlass
Bane Curse Cutlass
Sea Dog's Cutlass
Swashbuckler's Cutlass
Buccaneer's Cutlass
Privateer's Cutlass (Rare, Attack 59)
Corsair's Cutlass (Famed, Attack 72)
Seven Seas Cutlass (Famed, Attack 80)
Bloodfire Cutlass (Famed, Attack 64)
Crimsonfire Cutlass
Emberfire Cutlass
Life Stealer Cutlass
Spirit Stealer Cutlass
Soul Stealer Cutlass
Heart of Padres del Fuego
Lost Sword of El Dorado
Lost Blade of Calypso
Jack Sparrow's Blade
Sword of Quetzalcoatl
Montezuma's Blade
Spectral Cutlass
Darkfire Cutlass
Conquistador's Cutlass
Lost Sword of El Patron (Legendary, Attack 84)
Short Cutlass
Voodoo Cutlass
Battle Cutlass
Ornate Cutlass
Grand Cutlass
Royal Cutlass
Dual Rusty Cutlasses

Rusty Sabre
Light Sabre
Sharp Sabre
Tempered Sabre
Engraved Sabre
Bejeweled Sabre
Masterwork Sabre
Navy Marine's Sabre
Navy Officer's Sabre
Boarding Sabre
Ornate Sabre
Royal Sabre
Fencer's Sabre
Duelist's Sabre
Musketeer's Sabre
Master Fencer's Sabre
Swordsman's Sabre
Sword Fighter's Sabre
Sword Master's Sabre
Voodoo Hunter Sabre
Witch Hunter Sabre
Sabre of the Inquisition
Silver Sabre
Holy Sabre
Sacred Sabre
Divine Sabre
Hawk Sabre
Falcon Sabre
Eagle Sabre
Great Hawk Sabre
Kingfisher Sabre
Mariner's Sabre
Quarter Master's Sabre
First Mate's Sabre
Lieutenant's Sabre
Commander's Sabre
Captain's Sabre
Commodore's Sabre
Vice Admiral's Sabre
Admiral's Sabre
Bloodfire Sabre
Crimsonfire Sabre
Emberfire Sabre
Bane Blade Sabre
Bane Fire Sabre
Bane Curse Sabre
LePorc's Sabre
Iron Sabre
Steel Sabre
Fine Sabre
War Sabre
Master Sabre

Worn Broadsword
Iron Broadsword
Light Broadsword
Heavy Broadsword
War Broadsword
Royal Broadsword
Brute's Broadsword
EITC Grunt's Broadsword
Executioner's Broadsword
Sharp Broadsword
Tempered Broadsword
Engraved Broadsword
Bejeweled Broadsword
Masterwork Broadsword
Monkey Broadsword
Baboon Broadsword
Gorilla Broadsword
Voodoo Hunter Broadsword
Witch Hunter Broadsword
Broadsword of the Inquisition
Bane Blade Broadsword
Bane Fire Broadsword
Bane Curse Broadsword
Military Broadsword
Soldier's Broadsword
Cavalry Broadsword
Dragoon's Broadsword
Brigadier's Broadsword
General's Broadsword
Dark Broadsword
Shadow Broadsword
Forbidden Broadsword
Fighter's Broadsword
Savage Broadsword
Warmonger's Broadsword
Warlord's Broadsword
War Master's Broadsword
Lieutenant's Broadsword
Commander's Broadsword
Captain's Broadsword
Vice Admiral's Broadsword
Bloodfire Broadsword
Crimsonfire Broadsword
Emberfire Broadsword
Black Raven Broadsword
Vulture Claw Broadsword
Ignis Maximus
Avaricia's Broadsword
Barbossa's Edge
Nemesis Blade
Small Broadsword
Steel Broadsword
Mighty Broadsword
Ornate Broadsword
Great Broadsword

Pistol Wheellock Pistol
Snaplock Pistol
Sea Dog Pistol
Swashbuckler's Pistol
Buccaneer's Pistol
Rattler Pistol
Cobra Pistol
Bush Master Pistol
Scallywag's Pistol
Robber's Pistol
Scoundrel's Pistol
Night Hunter Pistol
Shadow Stalker Pistol
Foul Bane Pistol
Fullmoon Special Pistol
EITC Thug's Pistol
Navy Sergeant's Pistol
Duelist's Pistol
Executioner's Pistol
Silver Pistol
Holy Pistol
Sacred Pistol
Runic Pistol
Warding Pistol
Arcane Pistol
Beckette's Pistol
Mercer's Pistol
Jack Sparrow's Revenge
Iron Pistol
Steel Pistol
Ornate Pistol

Flintlock Bayonet
Wheellock Bayonet
Snaplock Bayonet
Combat Bayonet
Battle Bayonet
Navy Cadet's Bayonet
Navy Guard's Bayonet
Navy Musketeer's Bayonet
Navy Veteran's Bayonet
Navy Dragoon's Bayonet
Crab Sticker Bayonet
Pig Sticker Bayonet
Gator Sticker Bayonet
Shark Sticker Bayonet
Militia Bayonet
Military Bayonet
Soldier's Bayonet
Officer's Bayonet
Brigadier's Bayonet
Sea Dog's Bayonet
Swashbuckler's Bayonet
Buccaneer's Bayonet
Privateer's Bayonet
Corsair's Bayonet
Iron Bayonet
Steel Bayonet
Master Bayonet

Musket Old Musket
Flintlock Musket
Wheellock Musket
Sea Dog Musket
Hotshot Musket
Burnshot Musket
Flameshot Musket
Firebrand Musket
Scallywag's Musket
Robber's Musket
Scoundrel's Musket
Gunner's Musket
Rifleman's Musket
Master Gunner's Musket
Huntsman's Musket
Marksman's Musket
Sniper's Musket
Hex Guard Musket
Hex Stopper Musket
Hex Breaker Musket
Silver Musket
Holy Musket
Sacred Musket
Sailor's Musket
Boarding Musket
Royal Musket

Cracked Blunderbuss
Matchlock Blunderbuss
Flintlock Blunderbuss
Heavy Scattergun
War Scattergun
Sea Dog Blunderbuss
Swashbuckler's Blunderbuss
Buccaneer's Blunderbuss
Monkey Blunderbuss
Baboon Blunderbuss
Gorilla Blunderbuss
Navy Blunderbuss
EITC Blunderbuss
Pirate Blunderbuss
Grand Blunderbuss
Hunter's Blunderbuss
Hired-gun's Blunderbuss
Mercenary's Blunderbuss
Bounty Hunter's Blunderbuss
Night Hunter Blunderbuss
Shadow Stalker Blunderbuss
Foul Bane Blunderbuss
Fullmoon Special Blunderbuss
Runic Blunderbuss
Warding Blunderbuss
Arcane Blunderbuss
Small Blunderbuss
Fine Blunderbuss
Royal Blunderbuss

Repeater Pistol
EITC Grunt's Repeater Pistol
EITC Hired-gun's Repeater Pistol
EITC Mercenary's Repeater Pistol
Wicked Repeater
Dread Repeater
Baneblast Repeater
Skullbone Repeater
Night Hunter Repeater
Shadow Stalker Repeater
Foul Bane Repeater
Fullmoon Special Repeater
Monkey Repeater
Baboon Repeater
Orangutan Repeater
Gorilla Repeater
Sea Dog Repeater
Swashbuckler's Repeater
Buccaneer's Repeater
Privateer's Repeater Pistol
Corsair's Repeater Pistol
Seven Seas Repeater
Runic Repeater
Warding Repeater
Arcane Repeater
Cabal Repeater
Enhanced Repeater Pistol
Clockwork Repeater Pistol
Gatling Repeater Pistol
Master Crafted Repeater Pistol
Dark Repeater Pistol
Shadow Repeater Pistol
Forbidden Repeater Pistol
Silver Repeater Pistol
Holy Repeater Pistol
Sacred Repeater Pistol
Twin Barrel Pistol
Steel Repeater
Ornate Repeater
Volley Pistol

Voodoo Dolls
Ugly Voodoo Doll
Zombie Doll
Ghoul Doll
Hypnotic Doll
Manipulation Doll
Mind Control Doll
Domination Doll
Evil Doll
Wicked Doll
Unholy Doll
Villainy Doll
Tyranny Doll
Skeleton Doll
Cemetery Doll
Crypt Doll
Carrion Doll
Revenant Doll
Tomb King Doll
Swashbuckler Doll
Buccaneer Doll
Mutineer Doll
Privateer Doll
Warmonger Doll
Barbossa Doll
Dark Voodoo Doll
Shadow Voodoo Doll
Forbidden Voodoo Doll
Jolly Roger Voodoo Doll
Cursed Doll
Tormented Voodoo Doll
Overlord Voodoo Doll
Davy Jones Voodoo Doll
Fury Doll
Rage Doll
Grudger Doll
Vengeful Doll
Wrath Doll
Wax Doll
Clay Doll
Silk Doll
Oriental Doll
Warrior Doll
Nomad Doll
Warlord Doll
Shao Feng Doll
Witch Doctor Doll
Bewitcher Doll
Siren Doll
Occult Doll
Banshee Doll
Black Magic Doll
Mystic Doll
Priestess Doll
Gypsy Doll
Shaman Doll
Cabal Doll
Tia Dalma's Doll
Straw Doll
Warding Doll
Hex Watcher Doll
Spell Binder Doll
Curse Breaker Doll
Jack Sparrow's Voodoo Doll
Hex Reflecter Doll
Hex Rebound Doll
Hex Guardian Doll
Calypso's Radiance
Cotton Doll
Ornate Doll
Enchanted Doll
Magic Doll
Mysterious Doll
Rag Doll
Cupie Doll
Gaze Binder Doll
Sight Binder Doll
Far Binder Doll
Spirit Binder Doll
Soul Binder Doll
Monkey Doll
Chimpanzee Doll
Baboon Doll
Orangutan Doll
Gorilla Doll
Jack the Monkey Doll
Doll of Cleansing
Doll of Purification
Doll of Sacred Rituals
Sailor Doll
Seafarer Doll
Traveler Doll
Voyager Doll
Explorer Doll
Adventurer Doll
Elizabeth Swan Doll
Soldier Doll
Hero Doll
Fencer Doll
Swordsman Doll
Conquistador Doll
Treasure Hunter Doll
Will Turner Doll
Healing Doll
Mending Doll
Restoration Doll
Renewal Doll
Life Doll

Gravedigger's Dagger
Mutineer's Dagger
Brigand's Dagger
Duelist's Dagger
EITC Thug's Dagger
EITC Hiredgun's Dagger
EITC Assassin's Dagger
Survival Dagger
Wilderness Dagger
Jungle Dagger
Swamp Dagger
Bayou Dagger
Backstabber Dagger
Back Biter Dagger
Deal Breaker Dagger
Double Cross Dagger
Traitor's Dagger
Cutthroat's Dagger
Sea Dog's Dagger
Swashbuckler's Dagger
Buccaneer's Dagger
Privateer's Dagger
Corsair's Dagger
Seven Seas Dagger
Dagger of the Sun Idol
Dagger of the Moon Idol
Dagger of the Hawk Idol
Dagger of the Bear Idol
Dagger of the Golden Idol
Dagger of the Dark Idol
Small Dagger
Steel Dagger
Combat Dagger
Battle Dagger
War Dagger

Rusty Throwing Knives
Balanced Thowing Knives
Cutlery Set
Raider's Throwing Knives
Asp's Den Knives
Adder's Den Knives
Sidewinder's Den Knives
Viper's Den Knives
Scallywag's Knives
Robber's Knives
Scoundrel's Knives
Black Fang Knives
Grim Fang Knives
Raven Fang Knives
Shark Fang Knives
Demon Fang Knives
Knives of the Sun Idol
Knives of the Hawk Idol
Knives of the Golden Idol
Survival Throwing Knives
Wilderness Throwing Knives
Jungle Throwing Knives
Swamp Throwing Knives
Bayou Throwing Knives
Hunter's Throwing Knives
Aztec Throwing Knives
Marksman's Throwing Knives
Amazon Throwing Knives
Assassin's Throwing Knives
Mercer's Blades
Small Throwing Knives
Iron Throwing Knives
Tribal Throwing Knives
Fine Throwing Knives
Master Throwing Knives
Ceremonial Knife
Tribal Knife
Ritual Knife
Knife of the Blood Idol
Knife of the Jackal Idol
Knife of the Raven Idol
Knife of the War Idol
Knife of the Demon Idol
Knife of the Death Idol
Grim Strike Knife
Blight Strike Knife
Decay Strike Knife
Fatal Strike Knife
Death Strike Knife
Night Hunter Knife
Night Chaser Knife
Night Stalker Knife
Night Predator Knife
Snake Venom Knife
Viper Venom Knife
Copperhead Venom Knife
Mamba Venom Knife
Cobra Venom Knife
Poisoned Knife
Venomous Knife
Toxic Knife
Plague Knife
Dire Knife

Dread Staff
Haunted Staff
Possessed Staff
Phantom Staff
Skull Staff
Diabolic Staff
Demon Skull Staff
Singed Staff
Burnt Staff
Charred Staff
Cajun Staff
Spirit Caller Staff
Spirit Burner Staff
Spirit Shredder Staff
Soul Harvester Staff
Soul Reaper Staff
Soul Eater Staff
Dark Omen
Bone Staff
Grim Staff
Skeletal Staff
Undead Staff
Death Staff
Rotten Staff
Juju Staff
Anti-venom Staff
Resistance Staff
Regrowth Staff
Staff of Mists
Staff of Rain
Staff of Storms
Boa Staff
Python Staff
Serpent Staff
Misshapen Staff
Twisted Staff
Gnarled Staff
Ancient Staff
Stone Guard Staff
Granite Guard Staff
Earth Guard Staff
Healing Staff
Mending Staff
Restoration Staff
Renewal Staff
Life Staff
Tribal Staff
Staff of Cleansing
Staff of Purification
Staff of Sacred Rituals
Staff of Protection
Staff of Warding
Staff of Shielding
Staff of Defiance
Staff of Sanctuary
Sage Staff
Ritual Staff
Banishing Staff
Taboo Staff
Exorcism Staff
Staff of the Sacred Owl
Staff of the Sacred Moon
Staff of the Sacred Stars
Staff of the Sacred Sun
Defender Staff
Warden Staff
Overseer Staff
Guardian Staff
Tribal Chief Staffs

Cannon Ram
Old Cannon Ram
Hasty Cannon Ram
Gunner's Cannon Ram
Master Gunner's Cannon Ram
Greyhound Cannon Ram
Bloodhound Cannon Ram
Makeshift Cannon Ram
Man-o-War Cannon Ram
Juggernaut Cannon Ram
Marauder Cannon Ram
Cerberus Cannon Ram
Phantom Cannon Ram
Storm Reaper Cannon Ram
Revenant Cannon Ram
Shadow Crow Cannon Ram
Bronze Cannon Ram
Iron Cannon Ram
Steel Cannon Ram
Cotton Cannon Ram
Wool Cannon Ram
Sponge Cannon Ram
Fleece Cannon Ram
Fiery Cannon Ram
Searing Cannon Ram
Cajun Cannon Ram
Haunted Cannon Ram
Spectral Cannon Ram
Possessed Cannon Ram
Ladle Cannon Ram
Copper Ladle Cannon Ram
Cloth Cannon Ram
Padded Cannon Ram
Priming Ram
Iron Priming Ram
Burnt Cannon Ram
Charred Cannon Ram
Rotten Cannon Ram
Wicked Cannon Ram

Oriental Spyglass
Golden Spyglass
Singaporean Spyglass
Sea Dog's Spyglass
Pirate's Spyglass
Raider's Spyglass
Mechant's Spyglass
Smuggler's Spyglass
Rumrunner's Spyglass
Thieves Spyglass
Quarter Master's Spyglass
First Mate's Spyglass
Captain's Spyglass
Commodore's Spyglass
Mariner's Spyglass
Lieutenant's Spyglass
Commander's Spyglass
Admiral's Spyglass
Swashbuckler's Spyglass
Buccaneer's Spyglass
Privateer's Spyglass
Corsair's Spyglass
Conquistador's Spyglass
Mercenary's Spyglass
Bounty Hunter's Spyglass
Warmonger's Spyglass
Navy Spyglass
Trading Company Spyglass
Officer's Spyglass
Black Guard's Spyglass
Davy Jones's Spyglass
Beckette's Spyglass
Norrington's Spyglass
Barbossa's Spyglass
Jack Sparrow's Spyglass

Sea Chart
Faded Sea Chart
Mechant's Sea Chart
Smuggler's Sea Chart
Rumrunner's Sea Chart
Landlubber's Sea Chart
Sailor's Sea Chart
Freebooter's Sea Chart
Voyager's Sea Chart
Explorer's Sea Chart
Treasure Hunter's Sea Chart
Old World Sea Chart
New World Sea Chart
Lost World Sea Chart

Sea Globe
Thieve's Sea Globe
Bandit's Sea Globe
Robber's Sea Globe
Privateer's Sea Globe
Corsair's Sea Globe
Seven Seas Sea Globe

Wooden Charm
Lucky Charm
Golden Charm
Fortune Charm
El Dorodo's Charm

Cursed Blades
Sword of Decay
Spineskull Blade
Grim Hound Blade
Sea Steel Sword
Barnacle Breaker
Deepwater Blade
Grave Reaper
Plaguefire Blade
Viper Blade
Doom Rattler
Nautilus Blade
Whalebone Blade
The Dark Mutineer
Razortooth Sword
Spinecrest Sword
Ripsaw Blade
Sharkfang Blade
Hull Ripper
Barracuda Blade
Dread Spike
Bitter End
Doom Stinger
Treachery's End
Tyrant Blade
Blightfang Edge
Behemoth Blade
Thunderspine Sword
Blade of the Abyss
World Eater Blade
The Emerald Curse
Cursed Seafang Blade (Obtainable thru code: seafang)

Passive Skills (unformatted)

Critical Strikes
Venom Strike
Combat Protection
Projectile Protection
Magic Protection
Grenade Protection
Voodoo Damage
Sure Footed
Blood Fire
Infinite Venom Shot
Infinite Bane Shot
Infinite Hex Eater Shot
Infinite Silver Shot
Infinite Steel Shot
Infinite Asp
Infinite Adder
Infinite Sidewinder
Infinite Viper's Nest
Infinite Chain Shot
Infinite Explosive
Infinite Grape Shot
Infinite Firebrand
Infinite Thunderbolt
Infinite Fury
Drain Health
Drain Voodoo
Critical Round Shot
Critical Chain Shot
Critical Explosive
Critical Grape Shot
Critical Firebrand
Critical Fury
Extra Round Shot Range
Extra Chain Shot Range
Extra Explosive Range
Extra Grape Shot Range
Extra Firebrand Range
Extra Fury Range
Poison Immunity
Acid Immunity
Blindness Immunity
Fire Immunity
Snare Immunity
Stun Immunity
Pain Immunity
Cursed Immunity
Weaken Immunity
Life Drain Immunity
Poison Resistance
Acid Resistance
Blindness Resistance
Fire Resistance
Snare Resistance
Stun Resistance
Cursed Resistance
Pain Resistance
Wounded Resistance
Life Drain Resistance
Desolation Resistance

List of Skills (found by Speed, organized by me)

Fishing Skills
Stall Lure - Pauses lure in the water. Upgrade to stall longer.
Pull Fish - Pulls fish in faster.
Heal Line - Repair a damaged line.
Tug Line - Stops fish from struggling
Sink Lure - Causes lure to fall directly down.
Ocean Eye - View the entire area you are fishing in.
Cutlass Skills
Blade Storm
Weapon Skills
Skewer - pierce through rows of enemies
Rolling Attack - self explanatory
Cursed Fire
Cursed Ice
Cursed Thunder
Hurricane Slash - smash rows of enemies to the ground
Master's Riposte - a few seconds of absolute parrying
Power Slash - knock down foe
Quick Load - few seconds of machine-gun-ism
Stun Shot - deafening blast to enemies
Point Blank - damage higher shots when close
Bayonet Stab - auto stab
Bayonet Rush - series of bayonet melee attacks
Bayonet Bash - i don't understand the definition on the wiki.. so i can't relay it here
Bayonet Disable - bayonet break attack to knock enemies to the ground..
Dagger Rain - 3 daggs at once
Dagger Whirlwind - throws knifes in all directions
Silver Freeze - Mercer's Blades' freeze attack
Regeneration - slowly gain health i think
Spirit Mend
Wind Guard
Red Fury
Spirit Guard
Hex Guard
Evil Eye
Toggle Aura Off
Warding Aura
Nature Aura
Dark Aura
Ghost Form
Hex Ward
Captain's Resolve
Not in the Face!
Voodoo Reflect
Monkey Panic
Healing Boost
Broadsword Skills
Spin Cut
Reverse Spin Cut
Jumping Slash
Sabre Skills
High Cut
Low Slash
Rapid Strike
Slice & Dice
Cyclone Cut
Gun Skills (including ammo)
Take Aim
Venom Spit
Eagle Eye
Sharp Shooter
Lead Shot
Bane Shot
Silver Shot
Hex Eater Shot
Steel Shot
Venom Shot
Dagger Skills (and ammo)
Blade Instinct
Throw Dirt
Viper's Nest
Throwing Knives Skills (and ammo)
Knife Throw
Left-Handed Throw
Double Throw
Twin Backhand
Sailing and Cannon skills (and ammo)
Left Broadside
Right Broadside
Full Sail
Come About
Ramming Speed
Treasure Sense
Round Shot
Chain Shot
Grape Shot
Grapple Hook
Rapid Reload
Cannon Defense
Target Shot
Hot Shot
Powder Keg
Smoke Powder
Cold Shot
Bait Shot
Grenade Skills (and ammo)
Stink Pot
Fire Bomb
Smoke Bomb
Siege Charge
Long Volley
Ignore Pain
Voodoo Doll skills
Attune Doll
Unattune Doll
Grave Shackles
Life Drain
Spirit Ward
Voodoo Staff skills
Soul Flay
Flaming Skull
Spirit Lore
Spirit Mastery
Unreleased skills/ammo
Iron Skint
Mighty Slash
Inferno Sweep - most likely with Cursed Blades
Freeze Sweep - most likely with Cursed Blades
Shock Sweep - most likely with Cursed Blades
Captain's Fury
Shrapnel Shot - gun weapon skill or ammo
Coalfire Shot - gun weapon skill or ammo... might be with Fiery Muskets
Rapid Fire
Crack Shot
Marksman's Scatter Shot
Cursed Shot
Heavy Slug
Exploder Shot
Venom Stab
Acid Dagger
Gas Cloud - Cannon Skill/Ammo
Skull Ammo - Cannon Skill/Ammo
Flame Cloud - Cannon Skill/Ammo
Bar Shot - Cannon Skill/Ammo
Knives - Found with Cannon Skills
Barnacles - Found with Cannon Skills
Comet - Cannon Skill/Ammo
Overhead Slash - Sword weapon skill?
Dark Curse - Protects against half melee/projectile attacks. I think that's what I read.

Enemy Skills (found by Speed, organized by me)

Claw Rake
Claw Strike
Dual Claw
Poison Vomit
Ground Slap
Lunge Kick
Smash Left
Smash Right
Swat Left
Swat Right
Left Fake
Right Fake
Acid Spit
Left Pincer
Right Pincer
Dual Pincer
Tail Sting
Crushing Bite
Talon Rake
Bat Flurry
Poison Sting
Paralyzing Sting
Savage Blow
Double Cut
Coupe de Grace
Wild Swing
Throwing Blade
Venom Blade
Crippling Blade
Stinging Blade
Foil Fleche
Foil Reprise
Foil Swipe
Foil Impale
Foil Remise
Foil Balestra Kick
Foil Cadence
Dual Cutlass Combination
Dual Cutlass Spin
Dual Cutlass Barrage
Dual Cutlass X-Slash
Dual Cutlass Gore
Death Slash
Voodoo Blast
Grave Bind
Soul Storm
Animate Dead
Dark Thunderbolt
Axe Chop
Phantom Reach
Somber Demise

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