Here is what PotCo's Member Services had for me when I asked on whether Walter truly died and about the "Evil Curse of Doom".

Ahoy Midhav,
Thank you for your interest in the comings and goings of the Caribbean.
Unfortunately, it is true, the great Captain Walter died at the hands of Ezekiel Rott. So far, no formal punishment has been enacted upon him, as he claims he won an honorable duel against the Captain. Of course, there are no witnesses to substantiate this claim, and the Marceline Guild pursues him at every opportunity. In the absence of Captain Walter, his best mate Xavier Hench has stepped forward to lead the Guild.
In regards to you other question, we cannot say for sure why Pirates have developed such a keen interest in their hands. So far no swashbuckler has found an Evil Curse of Doom on their palm, but they seem to keep checking regardless. Perhaps they are concerned about all the cursed weapons that they have been using are having some effect. Keep your eyes on the Current News section of the website for any new developments.
We hope this information helps and we look forward to seeing you in the Caribbean again soon.
Fair Winds,
Pirates of the Caribbean Online Member Services

ORIGINAL MESSAGE - do not edit below this line

> What is this "Evil Curse of Doom"? What implications does it have for
> future storylines? Rumours have spread of the Abu Nar Clan coming in a
> few months with the release of some scimitars, and the Evil Curse of
> Doom has been compared to the "Black Spot" of Davy Jones. Also one thing
> - Has Captain Walter died? If so, who is the new GM of the Marceline?
> What will happen to Ezekiel Rott for this crime?
> Midhav

So, the E.C.O.D isn't something that has come, but will come? So pirates are afraid that something will come on their hands? This is interesting... And many of you would already have their guesses on what be coming next. Really, why do the Cursed Blades look like swords of the king of the seven seas... the devil himself... Davy Jones? I could be wrong though, because from the "SPOILERS Complete List of..." there is a class of swords coming, called Dark Blades, which are judgmentally the scimitars we see in the Phase Files. And, scimitars come from the "Near (/Middle) East". I don't want to undermine your hopes in case what I've just said doesn't come, so don't keep your speculation too high... you might not get what ye wanted.


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