I highly don't think we need any more new ships, 4 types is clearly enough. Some people have been telling me the SotL (Ship of the Line) has been coming out and the Carrack, just when you see those people ignore them, look at the Brig, we waited almost two/three years till the Frigate came out. So its going to be awhile, not to make you mad. But clearly if we knew a ship was coming out, they would announce it, but not the name or what it looks like. The next ship we could have basicly is the Carrack, a fat ship most likely only a Light Carrack and a Carrack, I don't know about War Carrack. Now what I am waiting for is the Heavy Warships, Heavy War Brig, Frigate, Galleon, Sloop. Those will be slower, more armour, more broadsides and bigger ship. That will be the next few years maybe, but if you look in Cannon Defense they are there but im sorry, I don't have the picture.



If you have any Questions post on my blog or my message wall. Thank you!

Moose Jr.

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