Clearly, many people have been asking "Why don't they sell membership cards anymore?" Disney wrote to me claiming they make more money using the credit card. Clearly, I don't want to use mine, I want to run to the store and buy my own so it doesnt have to re-occur. Ill tell you what I don't like, I went with my mom after school one day to check for member, ahh its been like 3-4 months since I played pirates, but I still thought they were there, so I checked, no pirates. I had other CVS's in town, so without warning, I called them. Ya know what? No Cards. So I clearly write to Disney, and here I am now, an unhappy customer, wanting cards, Which DISNEY if you're clearly reading this, I am a well paying customer to you guys, I pay for alot of things including Memberships for Toontown and Pirates. Oh and guess what I go to Disney Land Every year, clearly you see I am. Back on topic, in conclusion, disney, we need these cards back, I also know you guys make TONS I mean TONS of money, and you can't suppourt a dang card, which you will get payed for. Hopefully this problem is resolved, and I haven't read the Revive POTCO But I will make sure, and they need to add the problem of Membership.

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