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This blog is a nomination on the Admin Messageboard. An editor has been nominated for a promotion. All constructive comments are welcome.
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Grenade determination

I, NickyLinnea (bureaucrat), nominate JoshuaCoalskull (Rollback, Administrator) for promotion to Bureaucrat status.

Jz has made 4,724 revisions since April 13, 2010

Editing Highlights

  • Commitment to the wiki on a daily basis.
  • Constant interaction with other users via blogs and other media.
  • Providing insights on subjects in Talk Pages, culminating in decisions being made on articles.
  • Helped in maintaining the Common Items and also Rare Items pages.
  • Updated the Tattoo Page with new images with help from Dentface.
  • Reverting vandalism constantly, moved several vanity articles to the Players wiki, and provided one of the most vital joining links between the two wikis.
  • Maintained the Current Events majorly page by adding news posts immediately on release, along with pictures.
  • Added most of the images in the Cannon Defense article.
  • Built up the Pirate Directory article.
  • Added a large amount of Pirates Online Website Articles.
  • Added the Pirates Online Lore Articles.
  • Added hundreds of Tailor Clothing Pages with the assist of Dentface, Briggs1, and Zach1.
  • Added individual Fish pages.
  • Heavily maintains the wiki's Abuse Filter.

Starts: June 17, 2012

Ends: June 22, 2012

Bureaucrat Fact Sheet

  • Bureaucrats are able to block users, as well as promote and demote other Users from certain ranks on the Wiki.
  • Usually have seniority or experience on the Wiki.
  • Most major Wiki changes have to be approved by a Bureaucrat before being enacted.
  • Have extensive knowledge of the game.

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