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Admin Messageboard Nomination

This blog is a nomination on the Admin Messageboard. An editor has been nominated for a promotion. All constructive comments are welcome.
Admins and Bureaucrats, please vote!

Please read the guidelines if you aren't familiar with them.
Grenade determination

I, NickyLinnea (bureaucrat), nominate User:Dentface for promotion to rollback authority.

Dentface has most recently made many improvements to the clothing pages. He has added quest, peddler, and redeemable clothing items to their individual clothing item pages. His edits have been reliable and accurate.

I haven't informed Dentface about this nomination, so I don't have a list of his editing highlights. However, if that information is needed, I'll make sure that it's supplied.

Voting is limited to five days:

Start: June 8, 2011

Ends: June 13, 2011

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