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    Ahoy mates! Today is starting a series of celebrations for POTCO's 5th Anniversary that is coming up on Wednesday. Firstly, to celebrate, I encourage you to redeem the above code in-game to get 5,000 FREE gold! This code works on BOTH Test Server and Live, so be sure to redeem it on all pirates ye have!

    Secondly, we invite ye to a special POTCO 5th Anniversary celebration on November 4th. All the major POTCO fan sites are sponsoring it, so it's sure to be a good time! Be sure to bring friends!

    Also on Wednesday, we will be revealing the winners of our Halloween Membership Giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, do it soon as entries close Tuesday night!

    Also, Testers can pick up the special Admiral, Spanish Conquistador, Capt. Black, French Fen…

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  • Obsidion Darkhart

    I, Obsidion Darkhart (bureaucrat), nominate Dentface for promotion to bureaucrat status.

    Dentface has made 6,103 revisions since July 11, 2010.

    Dentface has been a valuable asset to the wiki ever since he first joined, and his editing is already on par with the current bureaucrats in both quality and quantity.

    Starts: December 22, 2011

    Ends: December 27, 2011

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  • Obsidion Darkhart

    Turns out once you hit rank 4 for your hull upgrades, you get to pick an entirely new upgrade track for your final upgrade, out of three choices: Skull & Crossbones, Fortune Hunter and Firestorm. These upgrades convert a certain percentage of your broadside shots into other ammo!

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  • Obsidion Darkhart

    A recent episode revealed a weak area in our spam protection, as no admins were online when an editor went on a spamming spree. Fortunately, it was just harmless spam, but it leaves the question whether we need to take measures to prevent spamming or harassment of a more serious nature in the future.

    What some of the other admins and me would like to propose, is that a separate role as "Spam Control Editor" should be established. This would mean that the editors in question would be trusted with tools to prevent spamming and harassment (blocking spammers and flamers, deleting spam pages, possibly the rollback tool?), while being prohitibited from using admin powers out of the context of spam control.

    In my opinion, the only requirements for …

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  • Obsidion Darkhart

    I, Obsidion Darkhart (bureaucrat), nominate User:Dentface for promotion to sysop status.

    Dentface has made 1,642 revisions since July 11, 2010

    • Redid Tattoo Page with help of Jzfredskins and NickyLinnea
    • Added Peddler and PvP Infamy Rewards section to pages such as Hats (male)
    • Made Pages for Game Events - 2008 and 2007
    • Added portraits for Cannonmasters and PvP Infamy Rewards Merchants
    • Added full detailed description of 2011 feats of strength
    • Added Proving Loyalty and Carver section to Black Pearl Story Quest Page
    • Added Story Quest: Set Sail Page
    • Created Multiple GM pages
    • Added Images of Male Clothing for March, May, June, and July Peddler sets and Plan on doing the upcoming ones as well
    • Updated Portraits of multiple NPCs
    • Updated names of certain Quests …

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