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Admin Messageboard Nomination

This blog is a nomination on the Admin Messageboard. An editor has been nominated for a promotion. All constructive comments are welcome.
Admins and Bureaucrats, please vote!

Please read the guidelines if you aren't familiar with them.
Grenade determination

According to the guidelines, nominations are limited to one nomination per blog. However, I'd like to make a one-time exception, to provide an efficient way to promote several editors without clogging the nomination blogs.

Back in July, there was an incident where many of the administrators at the time were demoted. Additionally, since then there has been an influx of new editors, many of which have shown themselves to be good contributors.

Therefore, I'd like to propose this procedure: Any of the currently active administrators and bureaucrats are free to name editors that they would like to see promoted to admin or rollback, and subsequently vote for the names supplied by the other admins.

Keep this in mind when nominating and voting:

Rollback users: These editors are trusted with a much more effective tool of reverting edits, but this can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Rollbacks should contribute on a regular basis, have intermediate knowledge of the game and basic skill with wikimarkup (ie. Knowing the basic wiki code commands).

Administrators: In addition to the rollback tool, administrators are able to delete and protect (prevent edits from certain user groups) pages. They also function as a "go-to" person for other editors and are encouraged to answer questions from editors, or redirect them at an appropriate editor if unable to answer. Administrators should contribute on a regular basis, have advanced knowledge of the game, and intermediate skill with wikimarkup (ie. Being able to edit common pages in source mode, Being able to configure images and tables on a basic level).

Votes are counted according to the guidelines (2/3 for rollback, unanimous for admins).

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