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A recent episode revealed a weak area in our spam protection, as no admins were online when an editor went on a spamming spree. Fortunately, it was just harmless spam, but it leaves the question whether we need to take measures to prevent spamming or harassment of a more serious nature in the future.

What some of the other admins and me would like to propose, is that a separate role as "Spam Control Editor" should be established. This would mean that the editors in question would be trusted with tools to prevent spamming and harassment (blocking spammers and flamers, deleting spam pages, possibly the rollback tool?), while being prohitibited from using admin powers out of the context of spam control.

In my opinion, the only requirements for this position would be reliability and activity. Therefore I don't think it's necessary to use nominations for promoting them. What are your opinions on this?


Tools required or used for figthing spam, i.e. blocking users for up to 24 hours until an admin can make decision, and protecting pages (only when a specific page is repeatedly vandalized). The rollback tool might also be handy. Should this be included in this position?


Using admin tools for anything unrelated to spam control will be prohibited. Votes will not count as admin votes in nominations and propositions. This postion is not an administrator position.

If a spam control editor defies these guidelines, he or she will have to be demoted.

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