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Grenade determination

I, Obsidion Darkhart (bureaucrat), nominate User:Dentface for promotion to sysop status.

Dentface has made 1,642 revisions since July 11, 2010

Editing Highlights

  • Redid Tattoo Page with help of Jzfredskins and NickyLinnea
  • Added Peddler and PvP Infamy Rewards section to pages such as Hats (male)
  • Made Pages for Game Events - 2008 and 2007
  • Added portraits for Cannonmasters and PvP Infamy Rewards Merchants
  • Added full detailed description of 2011 feats of strength
  • Added Proving Loyalty and Carver section to Black Pearl Story Quest Page
  • Added Story Quest: Set Sail Page
  • Created Multiple GM pages
  • Added Images of Male Clothing for March, May, June, and July Peddler sets and Plan on doing the upcoming ones as well
  • Updated Portraits of multiple NPCs
  • Updated names of certain Quests such as the SvS and Tattoo Quests

Starts: July 28, 2011

Ends: August 2, 2011

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