Do you have trouble catching legendary fish? Good news, there is a legendary fish hotspot. It is next to Kingshead at The Hinterseas. My brother spotted five, only catching one and I spotted three, only catching two and that was the first day that we found the hotspot! Every legendary fish has bin seen at the hotspot. Cast your line really far and do not use any skills but sink lure when you are going down to bottom. When the bar is at about 100, a legendary fish may or may not come. I only get them at sunset and at night. If you do not get one, look at your line to make sure it has a legendary lure. If you get one, a bar will come and you have to click your mouse really fast. When it shows your line, turn your mouse counter clockwise. When it shows your line without a red arrow, click on it. Keep doing this and when its heath is low, it will be easier to catch. After you catch it, it will show the legendary fish story. It will show your pirate waving goodbye to the legendary fish. You can catch more then one of the same legendary fish and different of the same legendary fish are not the same weight. You need to do different things with different legendary fish. The hardest is probably the Fogbell and the Fire Dragon. The easiest is the Speedy Lou and the Glittering Girl. The Mossy Moses often makes you click on the reel but the reel goes slowly. The Fogbell and Fire Dragon make you click on the lore but the lore is fast. After a while, you should catch them all. ~Peter Stormshot

Glittering Girl
Speedy Lou
Mossy Moses
Fogbell Fire Dragon
Legendary fish icon

The Glittering Girl - The most beautiful fish, even more beautiful than the Parrot Fish!

The Speedy Lou - The fastest fish, even faster than the Merlin!

The Mossy Moses - The biggest fish, even bigger than the Goblin Shark!

The Fogbell - The fiercest fish, even fiercer than the Barracuda, Grey Nurse Shark, or Goblin Shark!

The Fire Dragon - It is very fast, very big, very fierce, and in some ways beautiful!

Legendary Fish Collection

Here is the hot spot!

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