Peter Langinstokin was born in a shack in Tortuga and he was always intersted with pirates.Pirates came through and he started talking to them and one day he came oppun Jack Sparrow and he said if he wanted to be a pirate come to him one day and he will hook him up.Then 10 years later he turned his cottage into a taven which he called Langinstokin Cove.Still used it had event anoucments,food,and drinks.Then after raising enough money to buy a ship he went to Jack Sparrow in The Old Faithful Bribe.When he got there Jack Sparrow greeted and congradulated him then gave him a cutlass.He also said to sink a few ships to prove myself and kill a few gravedigers and cadets. Afterwards he returned and he got a pistol,a compass,a voodoo doll,and a voodoo staff.Then Peter Langinstokin sailed to Cuba for work and voodoo training then when he got there he learned of a voodoo mistress named Tia Dalma.He then went and got trained.Then he left Cuba and he started looting ships and bringing supplies to Port Royal at full price.He then sold his Tide Privater sloop for a heavy galleon.He then heard of Jolly Roger during The Curse of The Muentos Moon and joined the fight for the carribean.He sank as many ships as he could but for him that was not enough.He joined the barracade of Paredes Del Fargo,was the first to start a non comuter tavern,and helped defeat Jolly Roger in the battle for Port Royal.Then he got a job in Fort Charles as a gypsy for a coin to heal pirates.He also had him and his crew invade Port Charles to steal navy files they also found out where the Eitc keeps there plans and secret Passages.Then he sailed to Kingshead to defeat one of the most deadly men in the carribean that work for the Eitc.He also found a storage area and looted it.Then when he fought him he fainted and was sent to Kingshead Jail where you could not teleport.Then after he escaped he reopend Langinstokin Cove and started privateering for the french navy.Then he started The Langinstokin Guild because his old Guild{The Black Pistol Order] was being hunted down.He then gained 53 members.He is now currently the owner of Langinstokin Cove.

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