• Rannulf Fritzwilliam

    I sit here writing this feeling badly. The recent epidemic of game hacking with the use of 3rd party software that occurred in June is back. Back with a new twist and a vengeance!

    Disney banned numerous accounts as a result of the June instances. It calmed our Caribbean for only two short months. The attacks are now renewed. Pirates in PvP form are again attacking open public ships, mainly on Abassa in the early morning hours Eastern Standard Time, but now a new twist is being used.

    They are sinking player pirate ships now. A hacker using 3rd party software to manipulate the game code to allow a player pirate ship on a plunder run to sink other player pirate ships as in SvS.

    I witnessed this very early today. There is no defense for these att…

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  • Rannulf Fritzwilliam

    Ahoy there me hearties!

    I have been on test solid since the ship customization hit test. Here is my basic guide as to what live will have real soon. First the basics:

    Ship materials are obtained from ships sunk at sea. Any Warship can drop a materials chest. Bounty-hunters drop a regular materials chest, and Warships drop Rare materials chests. One chest dropped per ship sunk.

    Ye will have to collect these to upgrade ye ship. Regular chests contain pine, canvas, and iron. Rare chests contain oak silk and steel. No idea about grog yet for sure, but me thinks a rare chest. I have noted regular items in rare chests as well.

    Ye can customize ye sail colors and add emblems if ye wish. These both cost only gold and the prices vary. Ye can change emb…

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  • Rannulf Fritzwilliam

    I have seen a few requests for a pic of a level IV hull upgrade on a War Galleon.

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