I sit here writing this feeling badly. The recent epidemic of game hacking with the use of 3rd party software that occurred in June is back. Back with a new twist and a vengeance!

Disney banned numerous accounts as a result of the June instances. It calmed our Caribbean for only two short months. The attacks are now renewed. Pirates in PvP form are again attacking open public ships, mainly on Abassa in the early morning hours Eastern Standard Time, but now a new twist is being used.

They are sinking player pirate ships now. A hacker using 3rd party software to manipulate the game code to allow a player pirate ship on a plunder run to sink other player pirate ships as in SvS.

I witnessed this very early today. There is no defense for these attacks. You can not even run away since the "hacker" vessel strips the sails then sinks the ship with machine-gun speed rapid fire.

In my opinion the time has come for us the loyal players to make a stand against this. We all need to screen and report all uses of 3rd party software. We need to send feedback after feedback about this. This type of attack is not new to Disney games. Toontown fell victim to this not so long ago. I am not sure if it has been fixed there.

We also need as players to stop support for glitching. Tell your friends, guildmates stop it. Some pirates think these attacks are merely glitches, they are not, but viewed as such. So we need to condemn the use of and manipulation of the game. That is all we as players can do.

Sadly the ball is now squarely in Disney's court. They need to listen to us read our petition and do something about this.

My fear is that this will be the end of our game, if status quo is maintained.

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