• Razvi4

    Hi again pirates

    June 12, 2012 by Razvi4

    I am glad to say you that I returned, but the problem is that I will stay a short time on wiki. I am very proud of my work in POTCO but I decided that is enough with the hours, because I think is a lost time. So I have now basic but I think that I am capable to organizate expeditions with my light brig. These kinds of players who think a basic can't find his way to be captain,in game, are wrong. I have 50 and I think I played this game for a long time.

    My guild is still online,

    My regards, Razvan (Captain Jack Marless)

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  • Razvi4

    Triton - - - The Change

    April 21, 2012 by Razvi4
    Gentlemen, this sword was the jewel of the seas. It had the power to control wind and tides, to control the mighty ship Queen Anne's Revenge.

    This sword was in use by most notorious pirates: Edward Teach (Blackbeard) and Hector Barbossa. This is a RELIC .

    So I think one thing. In the name of Piracy this must be used by every pirates, including BASICS.

    Attack: 30 gold: 4000

    Powerful rank 7

    Level: variable. (Potco must make an important decision, a weapon taken from a storyquest or code redeem must be variable, so it will require the present level of Pirate. If it is taken by a sword level pirate 5, it will have 5.

    Type: CRUDE

    ANOTHER POWERS: control your ship, and cannons (complete a storyquest at level 5 which requires you to find the red jewels…

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  • Razvi4

    To be changed:

    - ships have cabin without launching only door;

    - in cabn can be bed, armchairs, lamp, fireplace, chairs, table, carpet and special panorma window (see Black Pearl)

    - cabin upgraded to be pirate's house;

    - captain has the option to invite a player to enter in his cabin;

    - a cabin can have only two slots (beds...)

    - you can put you swords in a special barrel and clothes in chest;

    - REMEMBER the acces in cabin is made only by walking in not shift... launching;

    - this upgrade is made to unlimited and basic;

    - light ships can be customizated (sails color, rigging-attack,defence,speed, hull- rank 3 normal cargo, streamlined, armor)

    -light ships rank 4 special (Raven Rank, Forest Wood, Rebel Deep)

    - light ships have entrance under the wheel …

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  • Razvi4

    so the story must work for both, because this is the way for Pirates Online to make more unlimited pirates. If they don't work more and unlock a super quest like this for basics too, few and few players will stop playing this game and with the time this will be gone. Potco will be destroyed with the unlimited upgrades, listen me, this is not only an opinion, this is real. Basic must get more things to be encouraged to play, more clothes, more weapons, more things, more... one more thing if an unlimited player stop his access he won't play any longer potco, but if a basic is encouraged he will get unlimited acces and the rating and number of players will raise
    in this moment pirates online is becoming junk with time, so who wants to take att…

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  • Razvi4

    Between 3 am and 4 am will take place the third meeting .

    New members recruit

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