Meeting and its purpose

Between 11:30 and 12 am will take place the second meeting because of some problems, like an invasion - 12 am -

The rumours told me that Jolly is planning to attack this mornig at 12 am o'clock. So we must meet on Antik starting 11:30 am until 12 to discuss some very important things, this guild has only 2 members but this morning we must recruit min 10 new members, 1 officer, 4 veterans and 5 members.

I know that the second meeting mut take place tomorrow at 3 am, but this is another one, does not depend of the others. So Antik Fort Charles, near Grace, marketplace, 11:30.


new officer: Will Cabinburn (lvl 24)

new members: -

new veterans: Black Beared (lvl 22), Bartholomew Bladeeagle (lvl 18)

Thanks to pirates who came and prove their courage, and joined Golden Company.

We participlated at an EITC Fleet and we sunk with luck and good strategy. Jolly changed the plans, but East India Trading Co striked again, made their way to secret island, but pirates and our ship Dark Raven sank the Fleet and captured the treasure.

There were only three new members (an officer and 2 veterans) but I wait tomorrow at 3 AM new members.

The strategy is clear. WE must stop Jolly's assault on big port islands.

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