To be changed:

- ships have cabin without launching only door;

- in cabn can be bed, armchairs, lamp, fireplace, chairs, table, carpet and special panorma window (see Black Pearl)

- cabin upgraded to be pirate's house;

- captain has the option to invite a player to enter in his cabin;

- a cabin can have only two slots (beds...)

- you can put you swords in a special barrel and clothes in chest;

- REMEMBER the acces in cabin is made only by walking in not shift... launching;

- this upgrade is made to unlimited and basic;

- light ships can be customizated (sails color, rigging-attack,defence,speed, hull- rank 3 normal cargo, streamlined, armor)

-light ships rank 4 special (Raven Rank, Forest Wood, Rebel Deep)

- light ships have entrance under the wheel platform in captain's cabin (light brig, frigate, galleon)


- this new island contains White Capbay, Forests Jungles, Light house, Ponce de Leon's Ship and land, mountain with ice small land with mercenaries (new people updated there Leon Drice merchant, Jack Storm- leader of the hight),

- new people: Scrum, Philip, Syrina, Dock, Hervish-fisher,(to be continued specially important trading)

- new story quest Fountain of Youth's Expedition (4 chapters) - at level 10 basic , 40 unlimited (the diffrence is in difficulty and reward)

  • ==== I The White Capbay and his strange things====
  • II The boss battle with Ponce de Leon skeleton
  • III The trip on the mountain
  • IV The fountain of Youth

- reward new ship upgrade rank V (Fountain's Power - UNLIMITED , Fountain's Power rank 4 - BASIC), chalice with potion 1 week- eternal life, upgrade Triton's Sword (Legendary - unlimited, take it + crude level 7 Baic), crude outfit - Fountain's Revenge, 100 000 gold, 500 materials from all

- new buildings...


- name : Jolly's Doom

- add new destroyed buildings, skeleton people, dead men tell no tales...

- strange things like Lava, 4 Volcano's, THE FORTRESS OF DEAD - jOLLY ROGER

- new story quest Jolly's Dead Eye (6 chapters) - at level 12 basic, 50 unlimited (the diffrence is the same like fountain)

  • === I The discovery of Doom's Island===
  • === II Working for Harbour===
  • === III Boss battle for survive (the end is with you in a secret fortress jail)===
  • === IV The freedom and the thunder (must escape from jail and realise that you worked for dead mercenaries)===
  • ===V Leaving the island AND Making the List (crew)===
  • ===VI The doom (final attack on island, great battle, infiltrate to Fortress of Dead, Boss battle - Jolly Roger; (the enemies including Jolly are raported for level - ex lvl 5 basic will have level 7 enemies and a boss 8- jolly -just example )===

- reward new ship upgrade rank 5 and 6 (Phantom Spirit (5) and Harbour Soul (6)- unlimited, Green Fire (4)-basic), give you a redeem code for a special cutlass (Jack's Blade - unlimited legendary, Jack's Blade- crude basic), mercenary claw( new oufit- crude), 200 000 gold (full),1000 from all materials;

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