I wish that next update will be:

  • a cabin in which only capatin a pirates who are accepted can enter:

This cabin is the most beautiful part of the ship. I wish one which will have bed,chairs, armchairs, carpet, furniture, panorama of the sea . This is the "house " of a pirate. So it will fit grate.

Secondly, in this you'll be able to hold your things (clothes,weapons,etc). A new emotic set : sleep (only near a bed), sit (near a fire place, chair or on sand), climb (on the mast, in tree or ladder).

  • the option to climp on a mast and stay and what closer ships with lunet
  • customization of cabin, ship masts
  • acces to cabin in all kinds of ships (brigs,frigates,galleons and sloops: each category light, medium and war)

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