Gentlemen, this sword was the jewel of the seas. It had the power to control wind and tides, to control the mighty ship Queen Anne's Revenge.

This sword was in use by most notorious pirates: Edward Teach (Blackbeard) and Hector Barbossa. This is a RELIC .

So I think one thing. In the name of Piracy this must be used by every pirates, including BASICS.

Attack: 30 gold: 4000

Powerful rank 7

Level: variable. (Potco must make an important decision, a weapon taken from a storyquest or code redeem must be variable, so it will require the present level of Pirate. If it is taken by a sword level pirate 5, it will have 5.


ANOTHER POWERS: control your ship, and cannons (complete a storyquest at level 5 which requires you to find the red jewels.)

- control the ropes from your ship (level 10)

and unlimited bonus update  : powerful rank 10 (level 20)


Bpnus Damage to Jumbees : will raise with your level, so if you are level 20 you will have 10, 2 by 2 (level 40 you will have 20)

So this is my idea

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