I am think they make jokes with us. For more than too years they promise they will lance the TRADING. "Next month, as soon as we can, look soon etc". I am personally very sad and disappointed for this. I play this game for two years and a half, I played the old version too, but I consider that this must be done at the beggining of the game. Pirates are persons who destroy ships and steal treasure for them - not for every pirate- FOR THEM this means that they can trade objects to each others - This means TRADING .

So I consider that every one who read these rows must write on POTCO site a mail to them and ask for trading like i made. And explain that every of us is waiting it and must be done this month, now!

So, you didn't observe that now they are making the currents news boring: -New August Merchandise! August 01, 2011-Marceline Guild, at Your Service! July 28, 2011 They post everything to not post this message for months: Test update : trading has come I consider that every pirate and player of you must send a message to them because one can't, but more will explain and they will make it. Comment here your objections and your approvals, and if you agree it send and be with me, NO WITH PIRATES ONLINE AND HIS FUTURE!!

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