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Your pirate life awaits you! Sail the high seas with your own hand-picked crew of cutthroats, battling the British, Spanish, French, the undead, other pirates, and even fierce creatures as you hack, slash, and pillage your way to fame and glory! Strike out on your own as a lone force to be reckoned with, making a name for yourself across the high seas! Swashbuckling has never been more thrilling as you battle on land and at sea to gather riches and build your reputation as an illustrious buccaneer! Create your own armada of ships, collect weapons, and stash your booty. Explore exotic and dangerous island and sail the uncharted waters of the high seas. Are you savvy and adventurous enough to become a Pirate of the High Seas?

What Is Pirates of the High Seas?

Pirates of the High Seas is set in the year 1717, the golden age of piracy, where your success is only limited by your imagination and courage. Experience true reckless freedom as you sail the high seas with your crew of misfits. Pirates of the High Seas has a mixture of real and imaginary islands, each very different from another. There are also active volcanoes, dark caves, and plush rain forests to further challenge your pirating skills. Do you have what it takes to become a notorious pirate or will you fall to the mighty enemies of the high seas?

A Game For The Players, By The Players

Pirates of the High Seas is greatly inpacted by the community. We take in every suggestion and think about how we can implement it or something like it. This game is for you guys, so why not make a game you want to play.

Want To Learn More About Pirates of the High Seas?

You can check out our forums! We have hundreds of pirates that post great ideas everyday! You can join and start posting your suggestions or what you want to see in-game! Or it's a great community just to sit around and chat with!

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