The leader of the guild of ghost pirates invite me then he promote me as guildmaster then you can join my guild of ghost pirates but potco close Lol well i will tell ypu a story of my guild:

in the early life some brave pirates travel in a ship, they have found a mysterious island called ravens cove the crew was pirates but there was a ship of the same crew going to isla perdida and other to the isla tormenta but they have been sunk by the navy and The stronger assasin of the eitc remington and neban and the privateers of garcia so what happens the ship who goes transform into ghosts, then ship to isla tormenta transform to davy jones crew wearing sea serpent clothing, then the ones who goes to isla perdida transform TO ZOMBIES with zombie clothing and the ravens cOve with ravens cove mercenary clothing so they g to the island of ravens cove and a HUGE fight occurs but what happens to me is that i was mixed with undead ghost and davy jones crew so then the fight was in 2 days, but then it was a tie, they were enemies because they transform into an undead type so they were allies because they figure out that were in the same crew so they do a guild called ghost pirates, or undead pirates so then they were good at pirates but enemies of players not, they defend the players like the casa of muertos guild. END

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