Here are some (there may or may not be others!) of the currently unrleased Dagger Names, so here's a sneak peak at what some of them might be, some may not appear in the game until later, but watch out mates!

EITC Hired-Gun's Dagger

EITC Assassin's Dagger

Survival Dagger

Wilderness Dagger

Jungle Dagger

Swamp Dagger

Bayou Dagger

Backstabber Dagger

Back Biter Dagger

Deal Breaker Dagger

Double Cross Dagger

Traitor's Dagger

Cutthroat's Dagger

Sea Dog's Dagger

Swashbuckler's Dagger

Buccaneer's Dagger

Privateer's Dagger

Corsair's Dagger

Seven Seas Dagger

Dagger of the Sun Idol

Dagger of the Moon Idol

Dagger of the Hawk Idol

Dagger of the Bear Idol

Dagger of the Golden Idol

Dagger of the Dark Idol

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