Ahoy everyone! As most of you know, we have several Famed Items on our wiki with cards that say "Lost Relic" instead of "Famed" and new and updated Weapon Cards would be very appriciated! If you own one of these items, simply upload the weapon card to our gallery and add it in the following places:

Famed Items

The Weapon's Page

The Weapon Group Template - if you replace an existing file that says "Lost Relic" it should end up here anyways, and the Famed items for that matter, I belive. to reach here, search "Weapon Group Templates" find the corret weapon group, go to Edit then Source and then replace the old file with the new one, and it will update every place the template is on this wiki.

If you don't feel comftorable adding the new Weapon Card to places, just give it to me on my Talk Page and I'll happily add it for you!

Here is a list of weapons with outdated Weapon Cards:

Navigation Tools:

  • Treasure Hunter's Sea Chart
  • Seven Seas Globe
  • Lucky Charm


  • Seven Seas Cutlass
  • Black Shark Blade
  • Vice Admiral's Cutlass
  • Gorilla Cutlass
  • Cutlass of the Inquisition
  • Bloodfire Cutlass
  • Tiger Shark Blade
  • Sacred Cutlass
  • Masterwork Cutlass
  • Assassin's Cutlass
  • Bejeweled Cutlass
  • Shadow Cutlass

Repeater Pistols:

  • Gatling Repeater Pistol
  • Fullmoon Special Repeater
  • Skullbone Repeater
  • Gorilla Repeater
  • Master Crafted Repeater Pistol


  • Fullmoon Special Pistol
  • Sacred Pistol
  • Executioner's Pistol


  • General's Broadsword
  • Brigandier's Broadsword
  • Bloodfire Broadsword
  • Masterwork Broadsword
  • Bejeweled Broadsword


  • Kingfisher Sabre
  • Master Fencer's Sabre
  • Sabre of the Inquisition
  • Great Hawk Sabre
  • Bloodfire Sabre
  • Masterwork Sabre
  • Bejeweled Sabre


  • Privateer's Bayonet


  • Sacred Musket
  • Hex Breaker Musket
  • Scoundrel's Musket


  • Fullmoon Special Blunderbuss
  • Grand Blunderbuss
  • Gorilla Blunderbuss
  • Buccaneer's Blunderbuss
  • War Scattergun

Thanks everyone!!

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