Here are possible names for the Throwing Knives and Knives (if there are any Knives, there may just be Throwing Knives for now so things listed with "Throwing Knives" or "Knives" in their name)

Rusty Throwing Knives

Balanced Thowing Knives

Cutlery Set

Raider's Throwing Knives

Asp's Den Knives

Adder's Den Knives

Sidewinder's Den Knives

Viper's Den Knives

Scallywag's Knives

Robber's Knives

Scoundrel's Knives

Black Fang Knives

Grim Fang Knives

Raven Fang Knives

Shark Fang Knives

Demon Fang Knives

Knives of the Sun Idol

Knives of the Hawk Idol

Knives of the Golden Idol

Survival Throwing Knives

Wilderness Throwing Knives

Jungle Throwing Knives

Swamp Throwing Knives &nbsp Bayou Throwing Knives

Hunter's Throwing Knives

Aztec Throwing Knives

Marksman's Throwing Knives

Amazon Throwing Knives

Assassin's Throwing Knives

Mercer's Blades

Small Throwing Knives

Iron Throwing Knives

Tribal Throwing Knives

Fine Throwing Knives

Master Throwing Knives

Ceremonial Knife

Tribal Knife

Ritual Knife

Knife of the Blood Idol

Knife of the Jackal Idol

Knife of the Raven Idol

Knife of the War Idol

Knife of the Demon Idol

Knife of the Death Idol

Grim Strike Knife

Blight Strike Knife

Decay Strike Knife

Fatal Strike Knife

Death Strike Knife

Night Hunter Knife

Night Chaser Knife

Night Stalker Knife

Night Predator Knife

Snake Venom Knife

Viper Venom Knife

Copperhead Venom Knife

Mamba Venom Knife

Cobra Venom Knife

Poisoned Knife

Venomous Knife

Toxic Knife

Plague Knife

Dire Knife

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