I recently E-Mailed Disney inquiring if these weapons were available, being they were the last in each Weapon Group of the new Voodoo Dolls (with exceptions to the Dolls based off of pepole, Elizabeth Swann Doll, Shao Feng Doll, Will Turner Doll ect.), I told them I heard about the dolls and I wondered if they were on the open server, their response was this.

"In regards to your questions about Voodoo dolls, many new dolls were added to the game recently. Only experienced pirates who have gotten out there and plundered these new dolls have been able to find them. The dolls that you have mentioned are currently only available the Test server. Be patient as these items may become available very soon. The good news is that there are new Daggers and the new Fishing mini-game available to play. So until these dolls are released to the Live servers, have fun enjoy all the new content."

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