I began to wonder that with This New Brig Ship coming out.. I figured that The ships after it will be a blast!

One Example was a Caravel, A small, Highly Maneuverable Ship.This could be The New Generation of The Sloop that goes much faster up to 20-28 Knots! It can be used for racing and Dodging continuous Attacks from Enemy Ships.Fighting with a War Caraval in Treasure Fleets is probuly a good idea with your Amazing Speed And 5 Fury Cannoneers on each side.

  • Light Caravel: 6 Broadside guns, 7 Cargo Hold,3,100 Armor, 5700 Speed, Cannons 4,Crew members 5
  • Caravel: 12 Broadsides, 8 Crew Members, Cannons 8, Cargo 9,Armor 7200, Speed 9,500.
  • War Caravel: 18 Broadsides, 12 Crew Members, Cannons 10, Cargo 12, Armor 9,700,Speed 13,000

I hope you like my Idea. ^-^

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