With upgrade Levels 5 and 6 now available, more and more Pirates seek to plunder materials with Crews aboard public ships that can match a Warship’s firepower - and outpace those Bounty Hunters. Plundering at sea as part of a Crew also earns you a hearty Reputation bonus. The more shipboard mates in yer Crew, the greater the bonus.

When jumping aboard a public ship for one or two plunderin' cruises, heed a bit of shipboard etiquette to get you in good with a new Crew:

Ahoy, Cap'n - Make yer presence known to the Captain.

Crew Up - Ask politely to join the shipboard Crew.

All Hands on Deck - Yer not here to sightsee, sailor. Man those cannons. Alert the Captain when you spot incoming Bounty Hunters. Most importantly, repair damage to keep yer Crew afloat!

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