Jolly Roger must be getting truly desperate in his bid to overrun the Caribbean. Not content with raising undead Pirates into his ranks, ol' Jolly has now resorted to cursed… chickens?

There's no way to know when or where these pillaging poultry will invade next. Unless of course you hear some clucking behind you. That's usually a pretty good sign that the chicken onslaught draws near.

Spread the word, mates, and rally yer Guilds! Defend those barricades against the menace of this fearsome, feathery foe! Or just spread some corn and seed on the beach. That would probably do the trick as well.

And don't worry - luckily Pirates will not be sporting moustaches this year for April Fool's Day. Xavier HenchOnly kidding. Again.

If you sail into the Caribbean today, your stash of plunder isn’t the only 'stache your Pirate will see. Fortunately the hairy hoax lasts only through April 1st, and your salty face will return to normal at the end of the day.

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