To make animations, you take model of the subject and then the action and copy them and put them in Models folder which is in the Panda3D 17.0 folder when you click computer. Copy the model and the action and put them directly under the Models folder. It can't be in any sub folders such as the Phase Files folders. Here's an example below.

Copy dog_hi and dog_bark_standing_keys which is under Phase 2 Models under char. Paste them under Models. Open up cmd (Command Prompt) and then type in:

pview dog_hi.bam dog_bark_standing_keys.bam

You should see the dog barking animation. Here's another example.

Copy jr_2000 (2000 means the most detailed version) and jr_walk and paste them under Models. Then in the cmd, type in :

pview jr_2000.bam jr_walk.bam

You should see Jolly walking. My favorite is this : pview jr_2000.bam jr_marketing_fight_js.bam


  • Remember to put .bam at the end of everything you put in the command prompt.
  • Remember to put the model and the action directly under Models, no subfolders.

All credits go to Obsidion Darkhart.

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