• Sharple

    The Hunger Games Game

    May 11, 2012 by Sharple

    So this everyone loves the Hunger Games and its getting pretty famous so ...I've came to a solution.

    The Hunger Games Game

    You're in the hunger games. Use 7 POTCO users

    Fill in the blank with a POTCO user Remember to copy and paste this in a comment

    1. The Person you Volunteer for: _______
    2. The Person who hosts the hunger games: ____
    3. Your District Counterpart: ______
    4. Your Mentor:_____
    5. The Sylist who gives you a name: ______
    6. The first person you kill:______
    7. Your Last opponent:____

    P.S. :3

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  • Sharple
    For the Official Sail Emblem Release Notes, Click Here

    First we asked Pirates to “strike their colors” and surrender their savviest ideas for new sail emblems. We now we invite you to fly yer colors with these five fantastic new emblems:

    Congratulations to our Grand Prize winners!

    Congratulations to our First Prize winners! We very proudly present their outstanding designs:

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  • Sharple

    The Making of the Game

    February 28, 2012 by Sharple

    See the two "The Making of the game" i guess this was fun to share :)

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  • Sharple

    The title says it all what happen to the Queen Anne's Revenge?

    Note the queen is just gone for the holidays closing comments

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  • Sharple

    New TEST Server updates are available today, including additional bug fixes:


    • Fixed land and sea loot drops so that everyone receives loot
    • Fixed the bug causing ships to slide across the water towards and away from Pirates' ship
    • Fixed a crash during the Black Pearl boss battle
    • Fixed several minor gameplay and onscreen text errors

    WERE GETTING THERE Brigs more come soon :)

    If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for future invites to the Test Server, sign up here. Please be sure to verify whether you meet the qualifications prior to signing up.

    Remember to use the 'Send Feedback' button on the Options Menu ('Esc' or F7 key) to report any bugs you find, or by using the bug reporting form.

    NOTE: Please be very specific when reporting …

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