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  • Simondarkmenace

    Hello wiki! This is SiMoNdArKmEnAcE here with his new amazing series, "The Adventures of Simon and Johnny"

    Please enjoy

    As Simon O'kidd was just beating the heck out of things at Kingshead, he thought was the most powerful person in the world, but he was only level 28. Then his friend, Johnny teleported to him. Of course he was glad to have some company, because no one ever teleports to Simon O'kidd. HA! What a loser!!

    Anyway, they looted a bit until Simon O'kidd needed tonics because he forgot to buy some before he left Padres Del Fuego (duh). So he teleported away, leaving his friend, Johnny who was only level 9 with a bunch of level 18's. Of course, he got owned. So Simon O'kidd tried to buy tonics to revive his dead friend, but soon realiz…

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  • Simondarkmenace


    August 23, 2011 by Simondarkmenace

    Hello Pirates Online wiki! If you're reading this, you're awesome! :)

    If anyone is wondering where I am online, I am on vacation at my aunt, uncle and cousin's place.

    I am coming home on 9/23/'11, and will be back in the late afternoon.

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