Hello wiki! This is SiMoNdArKmEnAcE here with his new amazing series, "The Adventures of Simon and Johnny"

Please enjoy

As Simon O'kidd was just beating the heck out of things at Kingshead, he thought was the most powerful person in the world, but he was only level 28. Then his friend, Johnny teleported to him. Of course he was glad to have some company, because no one ever teleports to Simon O'kidd. HA! What a loser!!

Anyway, they looted a bit until Simon O'kidd needed tonics because he forgot to buy some before he left Padres Del Fuego (duh). So he teleported away, leaving his friend, Johnny who was only level 9 with a bunch of level 18's. Of course, he got owned. So Simon O'kidd tried to buy tonics to revive his dead friend, but soon realized he was broke.

But telepoted to him anyway because he had like 6 tonics left. But he let him die, what a horrible friend!!! Then it got worse.. for him. He died himself. Of course, his 'friend' was very pleased. "HELP HELP" the weakling cried. But Johnny was such a good friend so he's like, "Ya sure. Whatever." Three cheers for Johnny!! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip- You know what? I don't even care anymore.

So Simon O'kidd thought he could go kill all those Navy Scum. But didnt realize he was scum himself. Guess what? He died! My god, it seems like this day keeps getting worse and worse for Simon O'kidd! Fortunately for Johnny, it wasnt him. UNfortunately for Simon, he was dead again and Johnny has no tonics. HAHA!!!!!! So Johnny had an amazing idea. He would try to get tonics in loot. Simon O'kidd would never have thought of that, cause he's just... Anyway, Simon went to jail. A little later, Johnny died. He had no choice but to go to jail.

Now for the good part..

Jail Bust time!!!!!

A creeking noice filled the whole jail of Tortuga. A man ran down the stairs and stumbled a bit, almost fell on his face. "Johnny? Johnny, where are you? Johnny?" It was Johnny's friend, Simon O'kidd!! He ran around the jail searching, for his friend. "Turn around," boomed a voice from behind him. He turned. "Oh" he said. "There you are. Don't move, I'll take care of the guard ." BANG!!!!!!!!!!!! "Guard's taken care of", Simon assured him, "I shot him in the face". A look of relief filled Johnny's face. "Back up." With his pistol still out in his hand, he shot the lock. Johnny was now freed!!!!!

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