• Stardust Wright

    I am Stardust Wright, my full name is Stardust Knight Goldtimbers Wright.

    My mother is Grace Goldtimbers, My father is Pearson Wright.

    My Brothers consist of many but here are a few, Dandandragon, Matthew O'mally, Cadet, Syko, Davy Daggerskull.

    My Sisters Hannah Bluefeather, Halle, Elizabeth Jones.

    My husband, Joseph Firesteel.

    My in laws, Miss Telltale my Aunt in law, Nicks Son my father in law.

    I am the Princess of Spain and France.

    Some more of family is, Samuel Redbeard, Johnny Goldtimbers, Captain Leon, Jack Bluehawk, Francis Bluehawk, and many more.


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