Calling All Testers

If you ever had or currently have Test Access, log in now! Infamy is ready for Test Pirates.

Need help finding a PvP Match? Follow these easy steps:

  • 1) Press 'L' key to open the Lookout Panel
  • 2) Select Pirate versus Pirates
  • 3) Select a Game Type (either Mayhem or Team Battle)
  • 4) You will soon be asked to be placed in a match, select 'Yes' and prepare to duel

Note: PvP tries to pair you with opponents within 8 Notoriety Levels of your Pirate.


  • 1) Select a Pirate you wish to challenge
  • 2) On their Profile Card, select the 'Crew Battle' icon
  • 3) If the other Pirate accepts, both will be teleported to a PvP Match

The more Pirates skirmishing, the easier it'll be to find a match. So get in there with up to 16 Pirates. Fight your way to becoming infamous!

Also check out the following changes and remember to use the 'Send Feedback' button on the Options Menu ('Esc' or F7 key) to report any bugs you find.

  • - Increased aggressive level of enemies. No longer will a walk thru the jungle be like a walk in the park.
  • - Addressed several weapon glitches
  • - Fixed spawn points in PvP matches
  • - Added a re-spawn shield in PvP matches (similar to Privateering)
  • - Added new obstacles in PvP maps
  • - Added PvP Reward Merchants in Privateering Islands and Barbossa's Grotto

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