Chicken dance
Did You Know...

  • about 'quick reel' in Fishing? By pressing the 'space bar' while your lure is in the water, you can quickly reel it back in to cast again.
  • certain townsfolk heal during Invasions? Indeed there are several people who will help you with a health boost. One person is, Ensign Grimm, near the Port Royal jail. During an invasion, if ye be needin' some health, don't hesitate to *chat with a local townsfolk next time and save your potions for reviving a knocked out Pirate.
  • you can retrain your Weapon Skills? That's right! If you ever wanted a chance to go back and re-do any Skill Point assignments just visit a Blacksmith and talk to the Trainer. Each time you train a weapon, it'll cost you more gold. You may even want to keep in mind what skills ye be needin' for Infamy before assigning them points!

about the 'ignore' feature? If a pesky Pirate won't stop shouting, you can click on the offending Pirate, select the 'Moderation' icon and press 'Ignore' on the Profile Card. This will stop their messages from getting through to you and all will be well again.

  • how to redeem a code? From time to time, special codes are distributed which Pirates can redeem within the game. Click here to learn how.

Once you know how to redeem codes, go ahead and practice:

  • Log into the game and redeem the code: golden for a special deposit into your Pirates' coffers!
  • about Pet Potions? Currently, the only Pet Potion available is 'Chicken'. This could be earned by completing the Black Pearl Boss Battle.
  • you can make your chicken dance? It's true! If you were lucky enough to receive a Pet Potion: use the chicken potion, then type the emote /dance in chat. Your feathery friend will join you in dance!

That's all for now! If you have any tips and tricks to share, feel free to leave us a comment and we'll post the best ones.


This is straight from pirates online, don't delete!

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