Striker was once a fire in a storm. The fire came up in the clouds and made a bolt. It grew strong and blasted so hard it made a person! He is known as Striker909! Legend has it that he can make a bolt to strike where ever he wants. He doesn't want people to be rude towards him so he uses lightning as a weapon! So don't mess with him. If you do you will be destroyed! Why is he that strong? We dont Know why. It could be he was made from a lightning bolt of powerful electrcity. If lightning doesn't work he will use World Eater Blade or Lost Sword of El Patron! If none of those work he can use Thunderspine Sword or Grand Blunderbuss! If none are strong, he will summon Jolly Roger! He thinks someday he will lead a army. His army uses World Eater Blade and Silver Freeze! The only way to beat him is to use Silver Freeze or Cursed Ice then use Cursed Fire and he will melt! When seen, expect a fight!                                                                                  

With these powers, me and my army will rule the world -Striker909

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