Jack Sparrow’s father Captain Teague always has wise words to share with his Pirate son:
Icon fathersday

"It’s not just about living forever, Jackie. The trick is living with yourself forever."

"Don't be a fool, Jackie. The Fountain will test you."

"You’re in my way, boy."

But now Captain Teague has gone missing and Jack needs your help to find his misplaced dad and give him a message. Visit Jack Sparrow in the Rowdy Rooster Tavern on Port Royal to lend a hand and begin the Father’s Day Quest.

In addition to the other Quest rewards, you'll get Double Reputation points for helping!

This Quest is available to both Basic and Unlimited Players.

  • What: Father's Day Quest
  • When: June 13 to June 20
  • Where: Rowdy Rooster Tavern on Port Royal

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