Hey guys, it's Taylor. I've decided after 7 years.. It's my time to retire from the game. This game has gave me ups and downs and some very fun times. I'd like to thank all of my friends here, thank you for making it the best. The person I looked up to, Johnny Goldtimers. Thank you Johnny for talking with me when i had problems or anything like that. And Sam Seavane, for pretty much being my closest friend. I'm about to have to take so much time on sports now, now that they mean more. I'm doing basketball, baseball, track, and cross country. Yes, I'm a starter in all, and people who think I'm fat, obviously don't know me haha. But this game has brought great memories. I may stop around sometime to say hello, but, I shall be retiring. Pirates also started getting old. I mean almost 7 years of that game.. I've wasted my life, and I finally start to recognize it. But I know I wasn't the best person in the game, I tried changing but I guess it didn't work to well. Roleplay in potc, it just got boring. I liked it better when we had those ' line of fire ' those were the days. So, I'm just going to say this last paragraph. The first guild I was in, Voodoo Rebels, then the best 2 guilds I'e been in were Immortal Blade and Assassins Clan. My friend Whorst Nightmare died last year of old age. He was a really nice guy. But those are the best guilds to ever been around, and forgot to mention Spartans Savvy, but thanks for reading, wanna talk? Add me on skype---> potctaylor.

Thank you all again for reading, my time for activity on the game, is gone. Goodbye and farwell, hopefully I will talk to people later on skype. Goodbye my fellow mates.

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