This is a Daily Alpha Update. Developers release them every day, and this is the one for 22/12/2013 or 12/22/2013 depending on the location.

When you release a spectacular Savvy Saturday update like yesterday, you just think that these 'ole Daily Alpha Updates are put to shame. Well, you can promise that doesn't happen here at Pirates Online Rewritten. Also, thinking the update is a bit early. Aye, ye be correct. I have commitments to do much like any pirate would, but I knew I couldn't hold temptation for the next day, mates!

So, if you were wondering and pondering what the update is, we've returned back to islands; don't fear though, we be nearly complete! This one be an isle of terror: Outcast Isle! Anyway, let's have a look then, mateys!

Panda 019


We finally have non-computer admin downloads! Once downloaded, in the area where you have downloaded, click on the shortcut sign. Make sure that the location says that it is going to wherever you placed it/game. It automatically comes up with C:/Outcast/game, so make sure it is pointing in the right direction!

To download, click Here!


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Newly Added:

  • Outcast Isle

Look through that Spyglass in the Crows Nest for some more alpha updates!

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