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  • TheGoldtimbers'

    Ahoy mateys!  I have been taking a LONG 3 month break from Pirates Online.  I will come back tomorrow 3/31/13, Easter!  If you would like to come to my party, I have a server and a list of things, we are going to participate in.

    Ocean: Exuma

    Where: Padres Del Fuego Main Dock

    When: 3/31/13 Easter!  1:00 PM EST

    Why: To celebrate Hector O'gull's welcome back celebration

    What: 1st We will Sail (Material Run)

    2nd Tomenta raid

    3rd SVS

    4th Foulberto Raid and/or DarkHart

    5th Having fun at the Faithful Bride. 

    I hope ye all can participate in this adventure!  I'm really happy i'm coming back to Pirates! :)   

    See ya then, 

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  • TheGoldtimbers'

    I am thinking about making a guide to Unlimited Access (Leveling).  If anyone thinks it's a good idea, i'll make it!  Leveling is really important in Pirates Online!  Want to know how to completely master at Level 45?  Please comment!  

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  • TheGoldtimbers'

    Merry Christmas!

    December 9, 2012 by TheGoldtimbers'

    I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays on the Wiki.  It has been a great year in the caribbean and I would like to thank all my friends for always being there for me.  Happy Holidays!

    Hector O'Gull

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