• TheGreenCheekConure

    Ahoy mateys, I bet ye be all wondering what all ye Pirates think about some of the ideas I think will make the game more "intense"

    • New ship types: SOTL, brigatine, schooner, fluyt etc.
    • Pets! Parrots, Monkeys and pigs and stuff like that, no kraken or dogs and cats, ( I hear they ate the cats and dogs in these days ).
    • Trading: abilty to trade with other players Example: You: hey want a World Eater Blade?--- Marc says: sure for what?--- You: Bitter End. then you trade :D I would never give World Eater Blade for Bitter End though.
    • Ship and Cannon customization: Ability to Choose different body types for the ship hull or cannon,and change the colors of the Masts.
    • Open World pvp and svs: Basicly like Pvp And Svs but you don't need to use the Pvp an…
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