aka Mermaid Goddess

  • I live in Where ever I decide to sleep tonight.
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is Pirate
  • I am Female
  • TheMermaidGoddess

    An Ally

    November 28, 2014 by TheMermaidGoddess

    I sit up on top of a pile of potato sacks, the sun shining in my eyes. I raise my hand up to block the bright light and look down to the bottle in my other hand. Stupid, I think. You could have revealed yourself last night. Of course most people would have been worried about getting into an unwanted fight or running into a Navy man or EITC. But not me, I was worried about showing my actually identity, the fearsome creature that I actually was; A mermaid.

    I should have denied myself of the rum, but I couldn't help but celebrate the last successful invasion, considering I had been a big part of the success. I stand up, dropping the bottle onto the ground, and try to ignore the aching in my skull. I look around, trying to remember what island I …

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  • TheMermaidGoddess


    November 28, 2014 by TheMermaidGoddess

    I stare intently at the dock, flicking my tail every so often to keep myself up in the water. If I'm going to go up onto the shore, I'm going to have to wait until no one is around. 

    I wait until well past midnight for the last drunken sailor to lumber off the dock, mumbling about his lost love. I swim towards the shore, my jet-black three-foot long hair trailing behind me like a small oil spill. 

    Should I really be doing this? Mermaids aren't meant to leave the water. I think. If I was meant to walk, I would've been born with legs. Right? I stop my progress for a moment, but then shake my head and continue towards to shore.

    I begin to crawl, feeling the sand on the scales on my tail. As I pull myself away from the waterline, I feel a strange…

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