Pirates of the Caribbean Online Renevation Project

We all know the game isn't at it's full potential, and the Revive POTCO petition is trying to fix that, but lets be realistic. How is Disney going to make the game better with little money? It's time for the players to make it happen, for us to help Disney with their job, it is our job to keep the game up by playing & buying their products, right? If we keep loosing players, we can't get them the money they need. Honestly, I haven't played the game in a while, and lost interest, due to the lack of quality of the game at the moment. Any way to help starts the project would be amazing!

Calling All Coders/Animators/3D Model Designers/Graphic Designers!

If we're going to redesign the entire game, it'll require LOTS of teamwork. It isn't exactly easy to do this alone, and having a random team without cooperation won't cut it. We'll need to discuss what wer'e going to do to keep maps fun, new, but still compatible with invasions, and make the ship combat funner, maybe even custom ship names!

Starting the Team! Learn How to Apply!

If we're going to start a POTCO renevation team, we're going to need players we know can code/animate/model, and we need to know we can rely on them. I will be starting up a Wiki shortly for submissions of your coding, 3d models, or animations. Please keep them original, and NOT stolen, we don't want anyone to submit any fake animations. Redesigning an entire game with unexperienced developers isn't easy, but if we want the game to be better, we'll need it. All submissions will be posted on the POTCO Renevation Wiki once it is set up, along with a list of the team. First off, we're going to need a few people for the team! Comment if you have anything that could benefit to the POTCO Renevation Project!

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