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  • The 7th Master

    Imposter about!

    December 29, 2012 by The 7th Master

    My sources tell me that an imposter has come about in hopes to dupe you all into some larger scheme. Do not believe this imposter, nor the low level who claims to be the true Grace Wildscarlett. I'll have you know that I have no ability to play anytime soon, so anyone acting as though on my behalf is not authorized to do so. Please forward this to all POTCO-related wikis except the United Nations one run by Pears. Thank you!

    Signed, Matthew O'malley, Level 50

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  • The 7th Master

    Where is everyone?

    September 22, 2012 by The 7th Master

    The game is dead right now. Where is everyone on this Saturday????

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  • The 7th Master

    Please go to the following site to check your computers security:

    The FBI has recently created this site in the hopes to counter the malware program known as DNSChanger which blackouts your internet and directs you to malicious sites that could further damage your computer. If you visit this site and it's logo has a green background, just do a normal security scan. If it is a red logo, however, take advanced measures to have the DNSChanger removed and any further viruses extracted as well.

    I warn all of you Mac users as well. Apple was completely knocked out this morning due the virus. They came back up about 11:30am and have updated their site with the same DNS Security checker that's on the site I linked to above. Ple…

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  • The 7th Master


    April 17, 2011 by The 7th Master




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  • The 7th Master

    POTCO Players Wiki

    Pirates Misc Wiki

    The only difference between the two is the purpose. Other than that everything is basically the same. All the Admins are either Admins or users from the Players Wiki. The way the wikis are run are not that different, very admin-friendly. They all treat users badly. Just saying.

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