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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on May 22
  • Thomas Macwrecker
    The voting period is now over, and the user has been promoted. You may still comment on this blog if you like.

    I, Thomas Macwrecker (sysop), nominate JustThatKat for promotion to chat moderator status.

    JustThatKat has made 732 revisions since April 16, 2013.

    • Fixes various typos and grammatical error on pages.
    • Edits regularly.
    • Already displays community management skills
    • Categorized images added to the wiki by other users.
    • Created custom images requested by users.
    • Created pages for Jewelry such as Golden Ear Small Loop and Silver Turquoise Ring
    • Has experience in "Administration" as a Mod/Admin on

    Starts: June 16, 2013

    Ends: June 19, 2013

    Anyone can vote using the
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  • Thomas Macwrecker

    The following users have been nominated for rollback status:

    • Aaron9999 - 1,884 edits since FEBRUARY 23, 2012
    • JustThatKat - 274 edits since APRIL 16, 2013
    • GeneralWarhawk - 1,068 edits since FEBRUARY 22, 2012
    • CWalker - 1,019 edits since JUNE 25, 2012
    • Elizabeth Red Fire - 1,621 edits since SEPTEMBER 10, 2011
    • Charles Warmonk - 1,229 edits since APRIL 25, 2012
    • NEW! TheGleamings - 1,320 edits since NOVEMBER 29, 2012

    Please note that rollback is a minor position. Users with the power will not be able to issue bans or kicks to anyone, merely have one extra button that allows them to revert spam and vandalism easily.

    Unlike Chat Moderators or Admins, Rollbacks won't have their position revoked after 1 ban.
    If a Rollback gets banned more than two times, their stat…

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  • Thomas Macwrecker

    Hurricane Sandy

    October 29, 2012 by Thomas Macwrecker

    As most of you probably know, a giant hurricane (Sandy) will hit North America soon (from when I'm writing this). It's setting just about every record, including size and strength. If you are near the area, please be careful. I will be on chat if anyone needs anything.


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  • Thomas Macwrecker

    Update: The outfits are gone. This was only a glitch. They did not purposely release most of the new outfits.

    Recently, PotCO has released 9 outfits at once onto Live! 5 of these are new outfits, the other four being repeats. The new outfits are:

    Barbary Corsair China Seas Warrior Scourge of the Seas Bounty Hunter Sea Serpent

    The repeats are:

    Admiral Spanish Conquistador French Fencer Capt. Black Raven's Cove Mercenary

    The September outfit, Capt. Black, is also still there, making a total of 10 outfits! They probably won't last, so get in quick for this great deal!

    Note: All outfits except Raven's Cove Mercenary are not on the Test Server.

    (Thanks to Marc Cannonshot for this video.)

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  • Thomas Macwrecker

    Hello everyone. Recently, I've had alot of people asking about trading and when it is coming. Yes, trading is coming, but it is not coming in 2012. Anyone who says it is is lying. Also, please note that POTCO developers and customer service will never give you information about new content, and if they do, they would get fired. So whoever tells you they heard it from disney, they are most likely lying. I hope this clears up any controversy anyone is having.

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